Spammers, every site has them, sadlyin our modern world spammers and spambots have gotten smarter and are not possible to block 100% of the time, but we can fight them

We can teach you how

How to identify and treat spammers

one thing that you will notice (in the picture on the right)

What a spammer might post

is that spam bots LOVE to try and Phish for data and email addresses to sell to whomever wants them. One popular method they use a generic message asking to get to know you better, and they will ask you to email them with the email provided. Dont email any member unless you have gotten to know them on the site. If they give you their email before they are added to ur friends list, and they give a MASS of text or statements generalizing that they are out looking for love, REPORT their posts, go to their profile and reply with SPAMMER or SPAMBOT to let others know a spammer is on the loose.

what if im not sure

well take a look at their profile, their about me section is

the info section of a general spam bot on the site

usually a repeated statement OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN, some times this isnt true, so look around the site, if they gave the SAME exact message to you that they did to others, they are a spam bot, Report them.

they also might post what they post on your profile as a comment into their about me section.

ask another member and see what they think about the situation.

if UNSURE, do not contact them by the email they post on ur profile or others profile!

Example of spammers

Mabou123 , ,

gives a message like:
My name is christina, It's my pleasure to write you today after viewing your profile on this website , i just want to say hello and how was your day? Well, i will like to known little more about you, and also i want to tell you more about my self,
please i will be very happy if can reply me via my email address, so that we can move further for knowing each other (christinamabou @ I will be waiting for your response,
Thanks Yours
christinamabou @"

(all the stuff from aboove is from a christina mabou from senegal (age 23?))

more info on her on this link

Banned users to keep on the look out for, look at the spam/phishing scam section for more