====  Captchas and how to remove them====


They are there to reduce the ammount of spam on the site, and they are also used to detect spambots. They are pesky, and they have one more downside... If you get the captcha wrong you will have to retype everything you just put down... BUT luckily there is a way around that.

Removing Captchas:


to remove captchas, your cellphone number, and verify it with a code you will request on the site to your phone via txt message.

To remove captchas go to anywhere you can

once here, go to the highlighted area and click add new phone.

post, and right below the Captcha you will see "Validate your mobile Phone". Click on this to get to your account information, scroll down to where it says "Phone Numbers" and click. "Add p

add your cellphone number and select your Service provider, IE carrier, (ex: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile (just some examples)

hone". Add your cellphone number to the account and select your Phone service provider. After that, you need to request a verification code to be sent to your phone. Click where it says "I have a verification

after you verify your number with a code that will be sent to ur phone via TXT message, you will have no more captchas!

code". Enter it, and submit. after it is accepted you will have no more captchas.

Please note that your number can only be seen and shown to friends if you choose so, we do not call you or send you messages, the server stores the number, we dont have access to it, so we cannot sell it to anyone, or use it for spam purposes. After you verify it, the number can only be used by us if you request another verification code.